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The SGFlex® flex coupling with Tenpu® fiber technology – also called a “Hardy disk” – is used in a great many applications. It is compact, elastic, temperature-resistant, and compensates for shifting.

Product benefits:

» Integrated solution combining industry proven SGFlex couplings with solid steel flanges or flywheel combinations
» Compensation of axial, radial and angular misalignment
» Minimisation of torque peaks in the drivetrain
» Damping of vibrations
» Electrically insulating upon request
» High performance density due to power transmission by Tenpu® fiber technology
» Resistance to shock loads

SGFlex couplings meet the highest quality standards, have been proven in industry projects for many years and are "Made in Germany".
SGFlex couplings are torsional flexible, non-shiftable couplings.

SGFlex-3F coupling and flange kits will be delivered un-assembled but shipped with the required attaching hardware (screws and washers) in the kit.

All forged 3-arm flanges come with a pilot hole to adjust the bore to the specific needs.

Bore processing and special designs are available upon request.

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3D-Modelle are available online:


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Prices plus VAT plus shipping costs

  • Torque (Nm) 3.240/1.730
  • Size (TK) mm 220
  • Flex Coupling SGFlex-220.02
  • Length of coupling (A) mm 221
  • max.bore ø (d max) mm 130 (5")
  • Pilot bore ø (d) mm 64
  • Size pf Flywheel acc. SAE J620 SAE 18
  • Weight (kg) 53.5